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Tuesday, 19-Aug-2008 19:07 Email | Share | | Bookmark
My workplace in Worblaufen

my desk
my office
Yesterday, I have moved from the old swisscom office in liebefeld to Worblaufen office.
This office is a bit near to my apartment in Brietenrain.

Tiga minggu lagi sebelum pulang ke Malaysia. Boring dah dok kat Switzerland ni.

Weekend ni nak pergi mana.. Colmar, France atau Lugano/Locarno Switzerland. Kena decide ni.. keluar pukul 6 pagi kalau nak pergi.

Monday, 18-Aug-2008 21:12 Email | Share | | Bookmark
My apartment in Bern, Switzerland

Leather sofa
Double bed
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If someone happen to be in Bern during this time until 12 september 2008. I can provide you a place to stay. Contact me.. boring dok sorang ni.. Wife dan anak-anak kat Malaysia..

Sebelum ni, dia org datang utk 3 bulan sahaja.

Inilah apartment yg diberikan oleh my company for my stay here in Berne, Switzerland. Nak tulis Bern ke Berne.. dua-dua sama. semuanya asal dari Bear.... kalau german pronounce.. Bearn...

My company wants me to extend my stay here or quit my job in Malaysia and migrate here and work as locally employed. It is so hard for me to decide especially when my family is my first priority right now. Anyway, I have calculated that if i work here, my saving would be the same either staying here or in Malaysia. So what's the point working here.

Life here is great.. no traffic jam, no pollution, easy going but most expensive place in Europe.

The cost of petrol here is about 2.35 CHF = 2.35 x 3.3 = RM7.75 per liter

Sunday, 17-Aug-2008 20:01 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Bern, Switzerland

Hanya 130,000 population di bandar yang dikira capital of switzerland

zytelogge.... transportation using tram is their specialty here

Saturday, 9-Aug-2008 20:49 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Zurich Switzerland

Pergi street parade di zurich.

semacam je street parade tu .. macam mardi gra


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